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Apple Pie Bar Mix

Apple Pie Bar Mix

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Love fruit pie but don't want the hassle of making a traditional pie?  This mix is the next best thing!  The apples are truly the star of the show frills or fancy flavorings, just pure fruit flavor layered in a tender shortbread crust.  Simply add egg and melted butter and assemble using farm-fresh apples and a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar. Wonderful, shareable, portable pie bars in under and hour! 

Package makes one 8" pan (8 pie bars).  Package weight 13 oz.     Allergens: wheat

Our seasonal baking mixes a re created for quality and convenience.... one-bowl recipes, no special equipment, easy instructions, and all-natural ingredients.  Only a few additional ingredients are needed for delicious country-style treats from our kitchen to yours.  These are perfect for kids, busy Moms, grandparents & empty nesters, camping & cottages, and everyday treats!  


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