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Cider Donut Baking Mix

Cider Donut Baking Mix

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*Farmer's Market Favorite   We can't bake enough of these treats for market....always the first item to sell out!

This baked donut is made with fresh apple cider and spices and rolled in cinnamon & sugar warm out of the oven.  Our signature recipe is baked, not fried, and no special pan is needed.....these are easily baked in muffin tins for warm cider donuts right at home Tip: a mini muffin tin can also be used for cider donut munchkins!   Makes 12 delicious baked cider donuts or cider donut muffins (or 24 munchkins).  18 oz.

Our seasonal baking mixes are created for quality and convenience.... one-bowl recipes, no special equipment, easy instructions, and all-natural ingredients.  Only a few additional ingredients are needed for delicious country-style treats from our kitchen to yours.  These are perfect for kids, busy Moms, grandparents & empty nesters, camping & cottages, and everyday treats!


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