About Carolyn

Passionate about Pies!

I became interested in cooking at a very young age……inspired by my mom throwing things together and lots of creative time spent with an Easy-Bake Oven!  Years later, I am so grateful for these experiences, allowing me to bridge my love of food & cooking with my profession!

Since graduating from Culinary School in 1990 my career has weaved its way through unique experiences including restaurant cook and caterer, corporate chef, private chef, production kitchen manager, start-up bakery owner, and cooking class instructor all along the way.  Today, I proudly define myself as a farm chef, and am privileged to serve as an independent farmstand bakery consultant for the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture.

Over the years I have found myself drawn to the simplicity of fresh local foods and the beauty of the farms around me.  It was natural that I ended up at several Massachusetts family farms, an opportunity to cook with fantastic ingredients from their very own fields, creating signature wholesome recipes.  Each year I still get excited to see steaming bushels of just-picked corn, endless flats of ripe red strawberries, piles of colorful heirloom tomatoes, and orchard trees heavy with ripe fruits……truly special!

Like most New Englanders I thrive on the changing seasons, allowing each one to inspire, teach, and navigate my way to delicious happenings in the kitchen.  Each growing season still thrills me…..What to cook? How much can I put up? Will I have time to try new recipes? What other strange crops are growing at the farm down the street?  How’s the new farmer’s market?  What will I do with all the garlic scapes this year?    -For me, the seasons have become some kind of crazy race to savor the harvest as much as possible before it passes by and the snow pauses things.

Sharing this passion is a joy for me….. a wonderful opportunity to teach others the pleasure and simplicity of farm cooking in New England!

Happy cooking,                                                                                                                                                  








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